Lower Sacramento River fly fishing report

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Lower Sacramento River Fly fishing report

This Lower Sacramento River fly fishing report is for March 24, 2020: Fishing has been pretty darn good all things considered. We have been primarily targeting the Redding to Anderson water with a day or 2 down towards Red Bluff thrown in for good measure. The Lower Sacramento River fly fishing is typically good from March, all through spring, and beyond.

shore lunch on lower sacramento river trout fishing guide trip

Shore lunch!

What flies should I use for the Lower Sacramento River?

Right now there are some dandy mayfly hatches happening sporadically. Flies fished under a strike indicator will include the Flatulator, Hogans S&M, Sweet Pea, Peaches N Cream and more! Caddis patterns including a cinnamon pupa or dark lord have accounted for some fish recently as well. Flies for Lower Sacramento River trout and steelhead can be purchased here.

lower sacramento river trout fishing sundial bridge redding CA

There is great scenery to be had on a clear spring day on the Sacramento River.

Whats coming up next for fly fishing on the Lower Sacramento River?

As we go further into spring we will likely see the bug hatches get stronger and the water start to rise. Both are good things! Around the last few days in March we usually see the flows start to bump up on the Lower Sacramento River for water delivery.

lower sacramento river trout caught fly fishing Redding CA

Good sized trout like this are fairly common during the spring.

The trout fishing on the lower sections of river will gradually get better. There will also be some excellent opportunities to tangle with Sacramento River steelhead as well! Not many anglers are aware of the potential for steelhead on the Sacramento River during this time frame, but it can be VERY GOOD!

Remember the section of the Sacramento River above Hwy 44 in Redding is CLOSED to fishing beginning April 1st and re-opening August 1st. Please contact us here for more info or questions.