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Fishing Gear

In order to catch several different species of fish with a number of specialized techniques, we have had to make a significant investment in gear. From rods, reels, line, and lures, we are constantly striving to update, reevaluate, and improve/ experiment to keep our guests on the cutting edge of what’s working.

For our fly fishing clients, we are using rods and reels from Temple Fork Outfitters. The 10′ rods they offer in different line weights have been proven in battle as durable, effective, easy to mend with, and fun to fish. We primarily run floating ‘indicator’ lines from Scientific Angler. For catching Sacramento River wild trout we primarily use an indicator setup with a double, or even triple, nymph setup under splitshot. For fish that spend 99% of their time with their bellies near the river bottom, this is a deadly technique.

For striper fishing we are using 7’9″, medium action, casting rods from 13 Fishing (Fate Steel series) with matching casting reels (Concept A3). These rods are light enough to be very sporting on ‘schoolie’ sized striper, but with enough backbone to easily handle that occasional 30 pounder. For spinning rods when throwing plastic worms or swim baits, we are using 7’9″ or 8’6″ medium action rods from 13 Fishing’s Fate Steel series with matching 13 Fishing spinning reels in the 3000 series. We were fortunate enough to be included with providing input during the design phase of this line of rods, and the resulting rods are unique and user friendly. For main line, we are using braid for the mainline, and fluorocarbon for leaders, both from Sufix. Terminal gear varies, however, hooks are typically Owner or Gamakatsu. Plugs used are from Rebel, Yo-Zuri, and P-Line.

Salmon gear accounts for a significant investment due to the multiple techniques we will use during a full season on the river. For back trolling and back bouncing we will use 7’9″ and 9′ casting rods in medium or heavy actions from 13 Fishing’s Fate Steel series with matching reels from 13 Fishing’s Concept A3 series. When side drifting, float fishing, bobber-dogging, or boondoggling (dragging) we will use medium or light action spinning rods in 7’9″, 8’6″, 9′, or 9’6″ by 13 Fishing’s Fate Steel series with matching 3000 series reels from 13 Fishing. Our line is usually braid for casting reels with a monofilament leader from Sufix. Spinning reels are typically loaded with an abrasion resistant monofilament with fluorocarbon leaders. For plugs, we use brands such as Kwikfish, Brads, and Flatfish in a variety of sizes and colors. As for curing roe……haha…..can’t give everything away!

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