In order to reserve a date ahead of time, a 50% deposit will be required to hold the day. This is 100% refundable up to 30 days from the reserved date. After that, the deposit is transferrable for a different date. If you cancel within 7 days of the scheduled trip, you forfeit the deposit, and any future bookings will require 100% payment in advance. I will reschedule in the event of poor river conditions or extreme weather conditions. If this occurs you will have the option to transfer your deposit or collect a 100% refund.
We would like for your group to have every opportunity to have the boat to yourselves. Lower Sacramento River drift boat fly fishing trips are limited to 2 anglers unless your group requires additional boats/ guides. Single anglers have the option to pay $300 to fish solo, or we will partner you with another solo angler to only pay the regular $200 rate. We cannot guarantee a fishing partner on a given date for solo anglers.

To keep the jet boat reserved for your group only, we require a minimum of 3 anglers. With 3 or more, we will not offer seats to anyone else, regardless of how premium a date it is, or how good the fishing is! We want this to be as exceptional of a trip as possible for your group.

Please remember to bring a life jacket for anglers 12 or younger if they require a custom fit. Advise us ahead of time for a limited number of loaner youth jackets.
While we do not prohibit alcohol on the boat, please keep moderation in mind so that everyone is firing on all cylinders when the controlled chaos of a trophy fish on the line occurs.
How can I get a discount? Easy, sign up for our email list and we will send you seasonal fishing reports/ projections, special 1st chance opportunities when booking starts, and discount codes.

If the ‘Blue Line’ Discount applies for your group, please contact us for further details. The same deposit policies will apply.

Please refer to the links below to contact us. Try to provide a specific date, or day of the week during a given season, that would work best for your group and we will coordinate from there. A date will be considered ‘booked’ only once a deposit is received. If a particular date is desired but already booked, we have associate guides available for referrals.

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